How to Install Kick Plates

We can learn how to install kick plates in three trouble-free steps. For the purpose of putting in place a kick plate, we require a kick plate that is as wide as the width of the door, a masking tape, a measuring tape, a drill and a screwdriver. Installing a kick plate is going to be easier than ever with the installation process being divided into distinct steps. These include:

  1. Using the measuring tape we first find the center of the door and mark it using the masking tape. Using the masking tape saves our door from getting marks that cannot be removed later.
  2. In a similar fashion, we locate the center of the kick plate and mark it with a piece of the mask tape. Now, holding the kick plate on the door and aligning the two centers we temporarily fix it to the door with the help of long strips of the tape. Level positions are not used to adjust a kick plate because if the door is not level, it makes the kick plate look off center.
  3. Next we drill holes on the door for each of the screw holes on the plate. Starting from the center and moving outward, we fix all the screws one by one but do not make them too firm. We then check the alignment and secure the screw firmly. We finish by removing the strips of tape.

Installing a kick plate at home on your own is totally possible and it helps protect the bottom of the door from damage. At the same time, different kick plates in sleek finishes have their own aesthetic appeal. Not only do they protect our door from getting bruised and battered from kicks but also add to the overall look of the house.


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