How to Install a Ball Catch

How to Install a Ball Catch

How to install a ball catch

A ball catch is mostly used for wardrobe or closet doors, cupboard doors, which are doors that need to be opened or closed just by pushing them. Ball catches are a special type of door hardware that are simple to operate and easy to install. These are sturdy and are given a superior brass finish. It is made of solid brass or zinc alloy. It has two parts, one part containing the ball and another strike plate.

Installing a ball catch requires simple steps:

  1. A hole is made at the top of the door where the ball rests. The striking plate is placed on the door jamb. The ball rests on springs. When the door is closed, the ball moves down and fits perfectly into the dent on the strike plate. This holds the door in place. A pull on the door lifts the balls on springs and releases the catch. The operation is smooth and installing is easy.
  2. However, while installing, it is advisable to first fix the strike plate on the inside of the door. Then after putting the ball catch on the strike plate and closing the door, it is possible to exactly locate the position where it is to be fixed.
  3. The exact position can be marked with a pencil and after opening the doors, the ball catch can be fixed in the perfect position. This minimizes the chances of any errors in installation.
  4. A perfect installation also means smooth operation of the door and reduced wear and tear of the ball catch. Thus, installing a ball catch is easy and can be done at home.

This piece of door hardware is mostly used in the interiors of the house in doors where a latch is not indispensable. A ball catch is also increasingly used in double doors these days.


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